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About Samantha Wild (and here) About Samantha Wild (click here)

About Samantha Wild


Samantha Wild's experience with the divine world spans over 40 years when she first purchased her first pack of tarot cards.   They were the same deck used in the James Bond movie, Live and let die: The Witches Tarot    Soon ,  she delved into astrology, numerology and fell totally in love with the iching. 

Samantha , at present is a no tools adviser, although she will on occassion use the tarot for clarification.  

Her Style: Bold , direct, and no nonsense.   She will never promise you 99% accuracy.  That is a promise that she believes to be just ridiculous.  

Her readings are geared towards choice counselling.  With each question , comes many paths. 

Her feeling about Timing questions:  "The timing of an outcome can change the second you are given information.  You can consciously or even unconsciously change when and how an event occurs. You, energetically  can  change the outcome in a split second.  If I am given the timing to give to you , I will share it, otherwise, if that is specifically what you are calling about, please know that I can't give you that"

Testimonials (and here) Testimonials (click here)

  "The only word  I can describe for what I have just experienced was intensity.  I have to take notes and process what was just said."

"Thank you once again for an outstanding reading,  Samantha always delivers superb insight, accuracy, humour, revelations and accurate predictions. She delivers her magic with honesty and clarity.  I adore her and she has helped me immensely to understand myself better.  I am grateful for her guidance and it is always a pleasure to consult with her. A billion stars is not enough x"

"Mind blowing, worth the time I waited for her to be available!  Awesome…"

"Love her insight and candor.  She breaks things down on many levels and explains the why, with things that can be confirmed presently, Here prediction on the “8” was spot on about clarity in both situations"

"Truly remarkable and fantastic. Clean and professional, precise and on point as usual. A billion stars for Sam. Thank you! "

"No matter how difficult your situation is, Samantha will be able to explain and deliver the truth. She is not gonna feed your ego but will tell you exactly what you need to know in order to make the most rational choice possible. Her delivery is rich, precise and professional. She is completely capable of describing situations without fishing information from her callers. A must call. I just wish I could speak to her with a cup of coffee every once in a while instead of calling her. Thank you my darling Sam. A billion stars! "

"My most trusted advisor on Keen. You will not always like what you hear, but it is the truth." 

"I was thinking so long before I called you about what my next step should be and I had such comforting thoughts when you gave me that message. It's kind of like the hurdles to my next action were taken away by you and I feel more open to creating that beautiful life that you saw. Thank you! What an eye-opening call! You are amazing and wonderful and you see everything! "

"Huge thank you. Its a tense time and Samantha always helps to clear my mind. She gives amazing insight, accuracy and guidance. She has never steered me wrong. I am immensely grateful for what she gives and more. "

"Samantha is amazing the level of detail and accuracy with how she tunes into the situation is spot on! Thank you!" 

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Contact Samantha Wild here by email  to set up an appointment time.   Or phone: (888) 388- 7688

If you are new to Keen,  contact her here in advance of your call. Supply your new Keen username , to collect your 5 free minute reading .  


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Gifted and awesome.  Read her testimonials. Be sure to read how she reads , first.  Knowing who she is, will only benefit you. 


Have fun . Explore.  Just as the name says Easy Magic Spells. 

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    And so does my handsome boy Winston. 


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Here are 3 methods of Payment.  You can You can contact me here with any questions  

RATES Methods Of Payment
$3.65 usd /min in Canada and USA
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$4.35.usd/min (mobile phone)

( for entertainment purposes only. Must be 18yrs+
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$3.25 USD /min.
Call to arrange (888)-388-7688 or email to

( for entertainment purposes only. Must be 18yrs+)

1 . Click "Call Me" and create account
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