Intuitive Advisor

Clairsentient Empath

45+ Years

I have been calling Samantha for about 10 years and she has always been tremendously helpful and accurate about any situation. She reads very deeply and every time I speak with her, what she tells me is ringing very true or I will find out later she told me something very accurate and true. Her advice and deep knowing is invaluable and when I read with her I know that I am truly in a place where I am going to receive honest and real insight that is going to help, give me answers and help me move forward in a positive way. She is incredible, give her a call.

Always amazing and on point. Needed some reassurance about a decision and got my answer! Can’t thank you enough! Talk soon

First call with Samantha and it was worth the wait, the time and the money. She’s very insightful, kind and nonjudgmental. I left that call feeling seen, heard and totally accepted and with a deeper understanding of my person and myself and what’s possible moving forward. I also felt empowered in a way I have not before. Thank you

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